Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Josh Marshall gives a very good commentary about the disconnect within the Bush administration's policies on getting countries to forgive loans while at the same time blocking them out of the bidding process for rebuilding the country. Blows my mind.

On another note, the transcript of last night's debate makes for an interesting read if you missed it (as I did). On a personal note, I think the endorsement of Dean by Gore is, more than anything else, silly. The voters haven't even spoken yet, and here comes Gore with this effort at relevancy, with a total slap in the face of Lieberman and the others for that matter. What happens if Dean falters? How welcome (or relevant) will Gore be at that point? Who would think he knows what he is talking about, and more importantly, who would want him around? If Kerry or Lieberman get the nod, Gore's not going to be a part of the campaign, I would think. Not that I want to condemn a politician for taking a risk - but for trying to push the election one way or another in such a fashion prior to the first vote seems reckless, and confusing to Democrats.

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