Saturday, February 21, 2004

I've found myself with surprisingly strong felings on the gay marriage debate. Before the San Francisco marriages, I wondered whether I was comfortable or not with full marriage for gays. Civil Unions, yes, equal rights and protections yes, but marriage? It just seemed weird. Until it started happening, and the joy on couples' faces made up my mind in an instant. Banning gay marriage is discrimination, plain and simple. I think it is somewhat risky for the Democratic side of things - the GOP is sure to use this issue in the next election as evidence of the decline of civilization in America. However, I seriously doubt gays will ruin the institution of marriage any more than us straights could. The divorce rate is 50%, and the decline of the nuclear family has been steadily happening for years - all in the hetero environment. My opinion is that those who oppose gay marriage need to just get over it and worry about leading their own lives, rather than trying to impose themselves on others.

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