Monday, May 03, 2004

There's not much more that can be said about the prison abuse perpetrated by our troops & contractors. I was watching the Lehrer news hour today, and they had an Arabic reporter as one of the guests. He pointed out that the President and the JCOS didn't give a resounding condemnation of the abuse - e.g. "This isn't what America stands for" and "we will take all means to ensure all are brought to justice", etc. I haven't followed closely what the president has been saying the last few days, but I must say I haven't heard any resounding condemnations either. Seems to me we just keep stepping over ourselves - we couldn't have scripted it better to incite people. We should publicly, strongly, firmly condemn these horrible acts to put a more credible face on. The U.S. is not an instrument of torture and abuse. That isn't to say we shouldn't engage in interrogation - we should - but not torture, and boy, did we screw this up. And lastly, most importantly, if you're going to severly interrogate prisoners don't freeking take pictures. Sheesh.

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