Monday, July 19, 2004

Ralph Nader has proved once and for all that he's all about ego and not beliefs. Instead of relying on his message to try to cull voters to his cause, he's lapping up the Republican signatures like a hungry dog looking for some kind of validation or affection. It's shameful - his message can't get through, so he's willing to be a tool rather than signal his message isn't getting through.

The stakes have never been higher (well, ok - maybe they have been, such as during the Civil War, WWII, etc). Still - we are going in the wrong direction. To think that it is better to get your "issues" out and have a second term of Bush rather than at least shifting course by electing Kerry is absurd. Mr. Nader, you need to get a grip. Senator Kerry may not be your perfect candidate, but when the country is digging itself into a hole, the first thing to do is to STOP DIGGING.

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