Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Watching the convention pumped me up more than I thought it would.  I knew Bill Clinton would be great, but he just knocked the ball out of the park.  "Strength and Wisdom are not mutually exclusive."   I was on my feet (as was my wife and others at the party we were at) multiple times.  That man knows how to bring home the Democratic message.  The other inspiring aspect of the evening was listening to the speeches by Gore and Carter.  The DNC got it right by not expressly wanting to attack Bush.  I was thinking about Gore the same thing that the GOP probably thought about Dole after 1996 -- "Why couldn't the guy be like this during the election?"  He spoke from the heart and reminded me of the Gore I used to know and like before he became the stiff Veep.  And Carter's speech was fairly damning of Bush's foreign policy - this from the only U.S. President to ever have crafted a lasting Middle East peace accord.   (I believe the shooting of Rabin, and the subsequent boneheadedness of Sharon derailed the peace process Clinton started).  Last night made me wonder how anyone could vote for GWB.

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