Wednesday, August 25, 2004

So - the GOP not only disagrees with gay marriage, but now the official platform opposes any type of civil union. I guess gays shouldn't be entitled to the same rights as everyone else, according to the GOP. I am continually amazed (maybe I shouldn't be) of the wedge issues driving today's politics. Someone has made the calculation that taking this position against some of our fellow citizens will lead to retaining power. What's really frightening is that these people think it will work, which makes me think that there's a chance it will. I know some very nice people who oppose gay marriage but say they support CU style rights. I doubt very much this group of people will be offended by the GOP platform - in fact, they may be glad that someone else is doing the dirty work. That may just be a cynical view on my part, but I'm betting that's what the GOP is hoping for.

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