Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Watched Zell and Cheney tonight. Zell looked like a real wacko, didn't he? Angry, distorted charges against Kerry and half the electorate. Saying that the country is less safe due to the fact that part of the country is challenging the president in an election year oozes of bitterness. As for Cheney, he was, well, uninspiring, I thought, although he did tell a funny joke.

I was very glad to see McCain say on the record after the speeches were done that Kerry would be a good Commander-in-Chief, and that Zell's accusations were wildly inaccurate. Funny that - he's talking to people like me who he wants to vote for him in 2008. Still, glad to see it. I actually think the convention has gone downhill from two very effective speeches by McCain and Giuliani to zinger, attack politics.

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