Monday, October 11, 2004

Slimy Sinclair

This whole Sinclair Broadcasting Group thing is really getting under my skin. If you didn't know already, they are planning to broadcast an anti-Kerry film by forcing their TV stations to pre empt prime time programming to air the film (wonder how the networks feel about that, and which networks will get tagged...). The fact that this will happen with nary a peep from the networks confirms my suspicions about all the media outlets being slaves to corporate political interests, and not utilizing the bandwidth granted to stations -- granted for free, mind you -- for the good of the public.

I can't think of something more depressing than the blatant manipulation of the broadcast media for partisan ends. At least FNC tries to make claims to be even handed (and they don't do a very good job of it as we all know). But -- to ram an anti-Kerry piece of propaganda down the throats of your TV stations during prime time right before an election drops the veil of any feigned impartiality by this group. I can only hope the clumsy, raw and blatant exercise of such power is so egregious that the powers that be cannot ignore it.

Alas, my hope is slim, since no other egregious acts by the GOP seem to go punished....

If you want to write to them, Sinclair's corporate e-mail address is as follows:

You can also write to the individual stations via

To see the website hawking the video, visit:

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