Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Stuck in cold, gloomy Detroit

I'm sitting here in Detroit (Southfield, actually) and, after listening in on a conference call, was struck by some of the lingo we use here at our company. Stuff that just makes no sense, out of a business context. Do you know what "soup to nuts" means - or better yet, "soup to nuts in chuck"? How about "sleeves off our vest"? Other, very annoying phrases come into use - the one I absolutely hate the most is "quick question" which always means a long, involved, complicated mind numbing, cluster-f****ng problem that someone can't figure out for themselves (which is why I'm employed, but stop using that stupid phrase please!!!) No one ever comes to me and says "hey, I've got a real problem that we need to work through". Grrr - it totally BUGS. Then - people develop "sheep speak", whereby a particular phrase comes into play that someone (usually a VP or someone similar) starts using and then everyone picks it up. The latest one of these in our group is "fair enough". Instead of "yes", "I agree", "ok", or any other form of answering in the affirmative, people appear to feel an absolute need to sound authoritative, or VP-ish.

You can tell there's lots to do here (actually, yesterday was very busy) but I'm definitely ready to come home.

Go Red Sox.


Urbanpink said...

LOL! You should tease people, or do you? Are you sure about that "quick question?" You'll have to tell me what all these phrases mean, they are so wierd! Everybody saying, "Fair Enough," would bug me to death, it's so vague, a sense of dissatisfaction, so passive-aggressive and ENGLISH! It would be too funny too say, "Fair to who?" I love you!!!!!

Urbanpink said...

Hmmm, never heard "sheep speak" before. That seems so damning for something that's very valley. I think it's fun to pick up the mannerisms of people I like and admire--like yours for instance (-: Oh, I watched, "Desperate Housewives," and it had the most killer insult a woman could do to a man--so pathologically embarressing you'll be shocked it was on ABC.

Urbanpink said...

Don't buy any books at the airport with America in the title okay? (-: