Saturday, October 09, 2004

Volvo madness

I just bought a Volvo S60 at the end of July - it's a great car. I got it fairly inexpensively as it was a dealer loaner and had only 6200 miles on it -- it has the sport pack, premium pack, heated seats, tinted windows, blah blah blah. It's smooth, fun and it feels rock solid safe. I even get the first four service maintenance visits free (lots of manufacturers do this).

So I get a flat tire yesterday when a screw punctures the tire. I change the tire and bring it to the dealership this morning. So -- it's been two months since I bought the car, and imagine my surprise when the guy tells me I've got a bum tire. Sure enough, I take a look and the sidewall is worn out because someone was driving the car with low tire pressure. I had brought the car in for its scheduled 7,500 mile service at 7,400 miles. Which means that if it was me driving on low pressure, it would have been for about 1,200 miles before it was serviced. And they didn't even catch it then. AND - this was only three weeks ago. Now -- shame on me for not inspecting the tires on my new car. I suppose I should have known better --- but you would think that a Volvo dealership would have had the decency to throw a new tire on the car.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that they F**K YOU AT THE DRIVE THROUGH!!! Be aware. I still like my car.....

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