Thursday, January 20, 2005

What price freedom?

This picture of a little girl whose parents were killed by American troops should give us all pause as to why we're there. It's not just that Americans are being killed - we're killing a lot of people over there as well. War isn't that simple - we get rid of the bad guy and everything's fine. I'm sick and tired of all the bogus reasons we went to war, and how Americans aren't being asked to sacrifice anything while our young boys and girls die, and while lots of Iraqis are being killed. We're spending our way into fiscal oblivion, orgying in Washington like there's no tomorrow, and people are dying from both the war in Iraq and natural causes such as the tsunami in Asia (not to mention the fighting in Darfur).

Meanwhile, we've got 40 million Americans without health insurance, the president wants to gut Social Security and borrow 2 trillion dollars to cover up his motives, while telling gays they are not entitled to the same rights the rest of us are and pushing through tax cuts for the wealthiest group of Americans with no regard for fiscal discipline.

I'm sorry that I can't see the reasons that Americans voted for Bush - but I can't. Our priorities are very screwed up.

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Urbanpink said...

A brilliant summary of events and ideas.

I love you!!!!!!