Saturday, February 05, 2005

Wow, I've got television

My wife and I moved into our place about a month ago -- and it has taken this long for the pay tv to be set up!! We just got it on Friday. Anyway, we tried to get DirecTV but the installers were either inept, lazy or wanted to charge us $300 for our "free" installation (granted, we wanted them to run the line under the carpet rather than over all the hallways and doorways. silly us.)

Well - it's pretty cool, and we even have a DVR called "Moxi", which is especially cool with lots of nifty features. Except I haven't really used them yet. Being without TV for a month is a pretty cool experience, one that brings me back to my sophomore year in college where I and my roommates existed for a whole year w/o television. For the most part, I didn't miss it then or now, although there are still a few items my wife and I wanted to watch. But on the whole, it's a mind suck, ain't it??

The two things I'm looking forward to are using the DVR (so I don't have to stay up to watch the Daily Show) and using VOD (to avoid the trip to Blockbuster). We'll see - updates hopefully to come.

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Urbanpink said...

I love sharing our mind suck moments (-: XXXXXXX