Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Baby Blogging

It's been forever since I've posted, partly because I get too angry watching Bush & Co. make total jackasses of themselves and the USA.

But it's all about perspective, I suppose. Since last post, this little guy has come into my life. Job vs. family, politics vs. family, etc. So I think to myself, "hey, I'll just hang out, sip coffee, chill with the family because that's what is important."

But every time I see that piss-poor excuse for a president trot out the same tired dictum about Iraq I just want to puke, because that motherf****er is screwing up our military and our standing in the world, not to mention our air, water, energy sources and social safety nets, spending government money on the backs of the poor while cutting taxes for the wealthy, and just looking like a plain moron.

And that is not what I want to leave for my child.

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