Monday, November 27, 2006

Why I like Democrats

I like what I'm seeing in Democratic discussions right now - notably the scrutiny currently being applied to the House Intel Committee Chair issue, and formerly the House Majority Leader issue. An interesting commentary by Glenn Greenwald (via Josh Marshall) critical of the "lead" candidate, Jane Harman (my representative, who also happened to vote for that horrid bankruptcy bill) is a case in point. We're not just lining up behind whomever the most recognizable or senior candidate is. And, the "alternative" of Alcee Hastings sounds even worse.

So what's Pelosi going to do? I really don't expect much except for Harman to get the post. But this highlights what I like about Democrats - willing to challenge the orthodoxy, while it seems to me Republicans generally line up behind the man and swallow the kool-aid.


Vigilante said...

My vote is for Alcee, based only on your links. 18 years is 18 years, and credibility is credibility. Plus, he's brought himself back from a debacle that would have finished others. Plus, Randi Rhodes likes him. (not always a valued endorsement, but in this instance, convincing.)

schmog said...

I guess it's moot, Vigilante (see post above). But also - apparently Harman is not sewn up.