Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More thoughts on the war bill

I thought of this right after my last post yesterday evening - I'm betting Lieberman put the kibosh on Reid and Pelosi's efforts to attach benchmarks. No coincidence in my opinion that the Lieberman quote came out about the same time that the Dems caved on the bill. Joe's choice - pull the bill or you lose the Senate.

Unless Republicans start to peel off from the WH, what this means is that Congress will not be able to push a bill though without Joe's approval. The Senate has essentially turned Republican for purposes of the Iraq war.


Urbanpink said...

Yep, brilliant post! I believe L lied to his constituents when he seemed to posture himself to stand up to Bush before the recent election, which he never has to date.

Urbanpink said...
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Urbanpink said...

Bingo, I think they should let Lieberman become the absurd Republican that he is and give him back to CT