Saturday, May 12, 2007

Support Our Troops

If you have not already seen this, I strongly encourage you to click on this link and watch for a few seconds this message from John Edwards.

John Edwards has constantly said "It is time to be patriotic about something other than war". This Memorial Day, we have an opportunity to be heard to say what it really means to support our troops and our country.

Have a good weekend.


Vigilante said...

Your link was incorrect, Schmog. The correct one is Support the Troops - End the War. Nice to see you resuming your Blog, Schmog!

Vigilante said...

A great clip of JRE! This Memorial Day,


Great message!

schmog said...

Thanks for the link correction, Vigil! I've been sending out calls to action e-mails to about 60 people on my list. Interesting thing is that not one of them has asked to be removed, and may have appreciated it.

I figure why not combine the two!!

Yes, a great clip of Edwards. You can see why Pink & I are behind this guy all the way. We'll keep working on you! :-)

Vigilante said...

Some ask (not me!), is Edwards Running Too Far Left?