Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just when I think I can't believe it, they get worse

Sometimes, I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just naive. But seriously, if there's any portion of our nation's population that deserves some help from the government, it's our children.

Bush is actually threatening to veto a renewal of a program that helps cover health insurance for children in low income families who otherwise can't afford health insurance. Thankfully, according to this story, it looks as if a veto will be overridden. But it's never over - every time I think the current goverment can't be more callous, less caring about its citizens, more beholden to big business, more willing to gut government's role in contributing to a fair, dignified society, I'm proven wrong once again.

Seriously, everything these guys touch is a disaster. Think about Pakistan - if there's a problem, don't actually tell them that you're going to take out Al-Qaeda. Just do it. OF COURSE Pakistan is going to publicly oppose blatant U.S. incursions into their territory. What would you expect?? "Oh sure, just come in and invade our country the same way you did in Iraq."

Also - you may know that Congress is considering holding the White House in contempt of its refusal to permit administration officials (such as Harriet Miers) from complying with a Congressional subpoena to appear. Contempt citations are enforcable by the U.S. Attorney, in this case Alberto Gonzales. So -- you guessed it -- the White House on Friday announced that in the case of a contempt citation in connection with the assertion of executive privilege, the U.S. Attorney may not pursue such charges.

Finally -- this is worthy of attention. The Weekly Standard (that bastion of truthiness) predicts that there will be more troops at the end of 2007 than when the Democrats took over at the end of 2006 (via Think Progress), and is a signal that the GOP is still the more powerful party in Washington. Think about this -- the Democrats were elected to end the war and, unless something changes, the surge will remain in place and the war will have escalated on the Dems watch.

It is not enough to just be mad. We must demand change from our elected representatives. Tell them you support their efforts against Bush's gutting of health care for children, and to get our solders home.


Vigilante said...

Yes, Schmog, it will get worse. Here cometh der Dolchstosslegende.

schmog said...

Very astute, Vigil. Yes, indeed.