Monday, November 26, 2007

U.S - Iraq deal

Am I missing something here?? It looks like we've signed some sort of agreement with Iraq regarding the long term presence of troops. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution requires that treaties be must be consented to by the Senate. Anyone hear anything about the Senate voting on such an agreement? Has it even come up?


Vigilante said...

Good question.

Urbanpink said...

"It also would help the Iraqi government thwart any attempt to suspend or repeal a constitution drafted with U.S. help and adopted in a nationwide vote in 2005. That appeared to be a reference to any attempt to remove the government by violence or in a coup." Bush and Maliki are ineffectively running Iraq. Maliki is in danger of losing power, since he's so chummy with us, so Bush and the U.N. are going to try to help him keep it. If anyone doubts that the U.N. is on our side, it's apparent that it's our lapdog right now. This document is for the U.N. and for Bush's "commitment" to Iraq. Iraq won't ratify it, our flippin' Congress might. I saw a bumper sticker today saying "Renewable Energy is National Security." To Bush, having a guy in charge of Iraq who allows us to invest in Iraq's oil fields is in our national corporations' security.