Saturday, January 05, 2008

Iowa etc.

For those of you that didn't see Barack Obama's speech after his Iowa win, it is worth watching. I've attached a link to a You Tube version here; if you don't mind staring at his contribution page, a clear resolution version is here (it's the only place they seem to have put it on his website.... I suppose I shouldn't be annoyed at that, it's smart, but sheesh.)

Here's something else that is from the land of the bizarre - did you know that Mike Huckabee is vertical? (wait for the intro to finish). Via TPM (some good insights there).

Finally - you may also know that Dennis Kucinich is not invited to participate in ABC's next Democratic debate, nor is Ron Paul invited to participate in FNC's GOP debate, despite Paul's beating Giuliani by six points in Iowa. (Mind you I'm no fan of Ron Paul). Kudos to Bill Moyers, however, for providing in depth interviews with both candidates. Link is here.

Cheers & have a good weekend.

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