Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to the Blog

Hi - if you've decided to click the link -- welcome to my blog. I like to use this as a venting mechanism for politics, and sometimes the occasional piece of poetry. You can leave comments on each post (if you are so inclined). It's pretty easy. I realize there's some of you who know all of this stuff already, but there's a bunch of people on the e-mail list who probably don't know a blog from a frog.

Schmog, by the way, is a nickname for a poor, mangy, old dog that I once took in. She was grouchy, had very few teeth, but liked to take snaps at people all the same, and was lame in her rear legs. She was also severely abused. During her time with me, she regrew her hair, became a relatively happy dog, and finally developed a trusting attitude. When think about this little dog and how the last couple of years of her life were turned into a minor miracle, it reminds me that just a little kindness, understanding and love can work wonders in the world. It seemed fitting to keep some memory of her alive (my computer is named after the dog also).

Welcome to the schmog blog.


Vigilante said...

Dawg loves you, Schmog!

Adrienne said...

Amen, brother!