Monday, February 04, 2008

Airports cont'd

So another thing - why is it in one airport, the security line people barely glance at my ID, where in another airport, the guy takes a UV-light to my ID, compares it to my boarding pass, looks at me to be sure it's me, and looks at the ID again.

I did, however, just pig out on a big basked of chicken strips and fries, in one of those airport sports bars. You know the type of establishment - tables crammed together, slippery floor, jammed full of people drinking beer, nowhere to put your coat....

Airport Haiku
the set. Fried food settles the
stomach. Water, please.

Terminals look the
same. AA carpet pervades
everywhere I see.

Flight is delayed. Why
did I forget my club pass?
Now my behind hurts.

I must choose between
walking for some asprin or
my prime location.

1 comment:

Urban Pink said...

You forgot your club pass so that you could have fun doing such a funny Haiku (-: Luxury rarely inspires!