Friday, February 29, 2008

Jewish defense of Obama

Hi - I'd like to take a moment out of enjoying my newly expanded family to attach an op-ed that I think is an important perspective on what appears to be an effort to convince American Jews that Obama is somehow anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. I couldn't have said it better myself, and, as an American Jew, I offer my wholehearted support for Barack Obama. As an aside, I'd sure like to see John McCain denounce and reject the endorsement of John Hagee, a man who, among other things, has claimed that Jews have brought persecution on themselves. More here if you're interested (and I couldn't make it through the video clip).

I'm not attaching the Hagee items as a "gotcha" or a "see, he's just as bad". Rather, its just as easy to start a campaign against McCain on this stuff, and I don't believe McCain is an anti-semite or wants the Middle East to blow up in Armageddon. Don't forget McCain himself was brought down by false whisper campaigns in 2000 in the South Carolina primaries. As we get closer to November, innuendo, false charges and coordinated smear campaigns become the norm, and our echo chamber that is known as the U.S. media turns these things into conventional wisdom. I trust we're all intelligent and cognizant enough to not just take what we're served up and digest it as the truth.

I predict that I will receive at least one message back trying to convince me of the error of my ways, and that Obama is a menace to Jews; I've received at least two e-mails to that effect already. You are of course free to do that, but really, it's not worth your time.

"I would not be sitting here were it not for a whole host of Jewish Americans, who supported the civil rights movement and helped to ensure that justice was served in the South. And that coalition has frayed over time around a whole host of issues, and part of my task in this process is making sure that those lines of communication and understanding are reopened." - Barack Obama, February 26, 2008.


Vigilante said...

I think the 'gotcha' campaign should be directed against Tim Russert. He's the villain in this piece. Him and his willing accomplice, Hillary.

Vigilante said...

How's the baby? Worried because I haven't seen any pics up on Pinks' pages.

schmog said...

Baby's great! We've just been tired & busy, but I'll ask her to post some pix when we get a chance.

Stella said...

Thank you for this post. I am a Unitarian who was brought up Jewish and am utterly sick of hearing the neocon smear machine call Obama anti-semetic.

His statement, "I would not be sitting here were it not for a whole host of Jewish Americans, who supported the civil rights movement," is on target. My parents were involved in the Civil Rights movement—and brought me with them as a small child to rallies.

I look forward to seeing those new pictures when you have time, of course.