Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain, Lobbyists, Georgia and NATO

There's a lot that's been written about the crisis in Georgia over the last week or so; there's not much I can add that hasn't already been said. However, I'd like to point out this article from the Post about McCain's top foreign policy advisor - who earlier in the year was being paid by both John McCain for advisory services and the Georgian government for lobbing services - at the same time. Whose interest is he representing here?

BTW, McCain appears to have been pushing for NATO membership for Georgia for quite some time. I think admitting Georgia into NATO is a terrible idea. NATO is a military alliance - an attack on one is an attack on all. That's how WWI got started - a defense pact made up of primarily major powers, but that also included Serbia, a small nation which managed to get itself into a war with a much larger adjacent military power, Austria-Hungary. That didn't turn out so well, and set in motion a catastrophic series of events which to this day we feel the repercussions of. In any event, I'm more than a little concerned that McCain's foreign policy is being driven by a former Georgian lobbyist.

On another note, if you are interested in the candidates top 10 song lists, you can find them here. Not to be outdone, the schmog blog has put its own song list together, although this isn't necessarily a "favorite" list, more of what came to mind today as I was thinking about the election....

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