Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stimulus, check. Next?

I am absolutely fascinated by the Obama presidency so far. He took office on January 20 and:

1) Signed an equal pay act ("Lilly Ledbetter" Act).
2) Signed a bill renewing and expanding "S-CHIP" (Children's Health Insurance).
3) Will sign the "stimulus" package on Tuesday. If you are interested, an alleged breakdown of the stimulus is on ProPublica here. (I say alleged because who knows what's really in an 1,100 page document....) It's very interesting - note many line items are dedicated to military related matters, although I did not tally such matters as a % of the bill.

That sure seems like a whole heck of a lot in just under a month. Frank Rich has a very astute piece here; it's worth reading. Whatever you think of the President, he's certainly effective. I've got more to say about his effectiveness (such as what's going on with the cabinet), but it would take too long and probably isn't relevant anyway.

One more thing to keep in mind about the stimulus, however - my wife and I were reviewing the breakdown, and she asked me "where is all this money coming from?" That is the $780 billion question. If I understand correctly, we're borrowing it. Here's to hoping it works....

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