Thursday, March 17, 2011

U.N. approves Libya No Fly Zone

I continue to find myself taken aback at my feelings regarding the matter of Libya.  Like I said in an earlier post this seems to me the very type of situation that calls for international action.  I'm astonished that a) I am supportive of the intervention and b) the U.N. even managed to pass a resolution over this.  After Iraq.  After the handling of Afghanistan.  After Guantanamo.  After torture, wireless warrants, indefinite detentions.   But I do suspect the aforementioned things caused what might be a fatal delay in the U.N.s response.  Understandable why it happened, but even so still possibly fatal.

It leads me to remember that there are times military interventions are appropriate, even called for.  This, not Iraq, is the seminal moment for the Middle East and North Africa.   It is the people, not an outside government, that is the source of the wave of freedom.  Kadafi has no choice but to attempt to quash it; if he succeeds, not only does he survive, but likely stunts the momentum of change sweeping across the region.  It makes it much more clear why the Iraq war wasn't appropriate -- at least at the time it was initiated.  The West and the United States have a perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to shape history. 

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