Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hope for our troops to come home

When people are being killed in Afghanistan because some nutjob in Florida burned a copy of the Koran, I think that no amount of military presence can "fix" the situation in Afghanistan and that it's now time for our troops to leave, or at least we need to consider a major change in how we address the region.  I have supported the war in Afghanistan from the time it began - not necessarily its prosecution - but its mission to find and destroy Al Qaeda, OBL, and the Taliban that harbored terrorist elements.  I don't support the war anymore, at least not in its current form. 

What's still troubling, however, is that the WSJ reports that AQ is making a comeback in Afghanistan, although General Petraeus says this is not the case.  I of course have no literal idea of what's happening other than what we see in the press.  If in fact Al Qaeda is setting up training camps, then we have a serious problem, and our leaving might even create worse conditions for training that exist.   That argues for a continued, if not increased presence in the country.  The problem is that Afghanistan appears to be ungovernable - it is not a nation state in the way we think about it.  While I'm no expert on national security, there just has to be another way of addressing the security risks that AQ and the Taliban pose without such a heavy, sustained military footprint on the ground.

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