Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ok, now I'm officially pissed

I'm looking at the White House website to get its take on the Libya situation, and what's next.  Well, under the "issues" section, not only is Libya nowhere to be found, but to my surprise, neither is Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you click through the foreign policy link, all there is is a 2009 speech on AfPak, along with a contemporaneous white paper, and a non-working link for Iraq.  Let me know if I'm missing something.

Libya is nowhere on the front page.  It does show up as the third picture in the top slideshow, which links to the President's speech.

I have absolutely no idea whether the "handoff" to NATO has actually occurred, which was delayed after Obama's speech, or how many Western" warplanes are actually U.S. planes.  Oh wait - we're still doing it until at least tomorrow.

This is particularly frustrating as generally, the humanitarian and national security goals of the Libya action can be morally justified, and I think some type of action is generally the right thing to do.  But going to war means keeping the American people, and Congress, apprised of the situation, daily if need be - and NOT pretending we aren't at war.  Again.

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