Sunday, July 31, 2011

Debt deal madness

Intellectually I know politicians have a complete lack of awareness about the impact of their decisions on real, working people - or people who are unemployed but trying to get a job.  But sometimes the callousness of what comes out of the government just slices through to the bone.
But it appeared Obama's proposal to extend the current payroll tax holiday beyond the end of 2011 would not be included, nor his call for extended unemployment benefits for victims of the recession.
Think about this -- put aside for a second whether using the debt limit as a vehicle for this debate was wise -- this entire ideological debate was over whether taxes would be raised for wealthy folks.  No new revenues/taxes, period.  Oh wait -- whoops -- except the one that directly impacts lower and middle class people - both the ones with jobs and the ones looking for jobs.   I am outraged - this, coupled with the cuts to critical programs, is an epic capitulation to the protection of special interests and a direct stab into the heart of America.

And yet they have to sign it now.  This entire process has been disgusting.  I post this to highlight the fact that when people say the playing field of the debate has been built and drawn by the GOP, and the Democrats are conceding this fact and engaging on these terms, this is what they're talking about.

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