Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Why are we still in Afghanistan?


Anonymous said...

Same reason the CIA got us into the Vietnam war... Heroin. Drugs are the largest profiting industry in the world even above weapons or food supply. Segments of the CIA have been running the drug trade in the US since the turn of the century... even allowing Venezuelan generals to smuggle in coke specifically to be sold "in the hood" as crack (look into it). Also, the largest reserve supply of lithium in the world. When we switch from the oil we are "buying" from Iraq because the world has to switch to electric propulsion for environmental reasons... we will have all the lithium for car and phone batteries we need.

Valley Dude said...

Anon, a large reason why I support decriminalization of marijuana. Too much money, corruption, violence caused by the black market, which legalization would undecut. Added benefit of jobs and tax revenue.