Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Here is the text of Bush press conference. I'm not the most fair person to judge his performance, because every time he speaks it seems to me he's hiding something and I'm biased. That being said, I wasn't all that impressed with him - while watching, he looked like he was repeating his same stock phrases and was a little unsure of his answers. I've briefly scanned this text and it reads a little better than he looked on TV. I was glad to hear that someone asked about why he was testifying with Cheney (he didn't reply directly to the question). I also think his rationale for Iraq remained the same -- we're safer, stay the course, etc. No plan or outline for what the outcome will be - he echoed Bremer's comments of not knowing just who the "soveriegn" government will be. He also kept saying "we're making progress" without specifying just what that progress is, when things are appearing to be getting much more difficult. I'm sure more commentary to come.

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