Thursday, April 15, 2004

I'm not sure how I feel about Bush supporting the unilateral Israeli pullback from Gaza and the West Bank. On the one hand, nothing is happening - it looks like the conflict could go on forever, and at least something needs to be done, and this is our way of supporting it. On the other hand, and more closely how I feel, I think an express backing of a unilater act by Israel to hold on to large chunks of the WB undermines our ability to act as an impartial arbiter in the region. I don't believe any final settlement will ultimately be one at the original 1949 borders, but we shouldn't expressly SAY that. I can't think of why we would do this now except for two, both unsettling reasons: 1) ploy to get Jewish votes for the November elections or 2) the US now thinks that our role shouldn't be impartial.

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