Monday, June 21, 2004

So yesterday I'm sitting at my laptop trying to figure out how to get two mp3 jukeboxes to work together. I subscribe to Rhapsody, which for a monthly fee of about 10 bucks, I can listen to all the music I want and pay .75 if I want to burn songs. I've done that before, it's pretty easy, and I organize my files using Windows Media Player - I find it to be very user friendly and it does everything I need it to. But, with Rhapsody, you need to burn them to a CD before moving them to a computer, and I only wanted to burn one song yesterday. I thought, "hey, I can download one song at a time using Itunes". I download the software and lo! sure enough, the Vines were now sitting on my hard disk. Great. Itunes also converted all my WMP files to Itunes files (AAV or some such thing). Great. Now I'm thinking that I want to move these files to my mp3 player. Unfortunately, WMP won't read the Itunes file that I downloaded, and Itunes won't read discs that I subsequently copied to my computer with WMP. Silly me. Oh, and if I want to use Itunes to move music to a portable, the only portable that you can move music to is -- you guessed it -- an ipod. What was I thinking that would possibly lead me to believe that these two kids could play together? After all, we are talking about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Anyway, it may be a moot point - my mp3 player is on the fritz and isn't working anymore. So now do I really want to fork over $240 for an ipod mini....? Come to think of it, it has kind of pissed me of and now I'm wondering if I just deal with Rhapsody only, and decide to only move music when I can fill up a CDR disc to make it worth my while. But I still need an MP3 player.... grrrr

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