Tuesday, September 21, 2004

An exchange with a family member

An e-mail exchange with some conservative members of my family....

Thanks for the e-mail. I love a good debate too, so here we go!!! :-)

I would love to believe that our taking over Iraq sends the right message to terrorists (and the rest of the Islamic world for that matter). I would even agree with that sentiment if we had any idea of what we were doing over there or how to proceed. I suggest that those who think the war is headed in the right direction take another look at the detriorating situation in the country. I sincerely hope I'm wrong - I hope this administration figures out how to turn it around. The only thing I have to base the potential prospect of that happening is the events of the last three years - we're in a weak position in Iraq and can't enter portions of the country, we do not control most of Afghanistan while warlords and the drug trade flourish, we are not in a position of strength to deal with Iran and N. Korea, we've alienated most of the civilized world to our efforts, including alienating the rest of the Arab world even further than I thought possible. Meanwhile, I've seen very little done for homeland preparedness in the event of an attack, except for the color coded system. All the while, we want to cut taxes further and ramp up the deficit beyond half a trillion dollars and put the cost of the war on our children. As you can see, I'm a bit less comforted; help me understand why we should give Bush another four years. Kerry's not the answer to all our problems, but he's a smart guy who knows the system, he's been in a war, and has the tools as a legislator to build consensus rather than divide the country at a time of war. I haven't even touched upon the fact that every single causus belli given for Iraq has turned out to be wrong or the short-sighted policies of no-bid reconstruction....

As for "bashing the president", if I see a day where war muzzles the voice of dissent, then something has gone seriously wrong.

Finally - as to the "liberal" comments and being "lured in by the rhetoric", I'm generally a liberal - plainly and proudly. Funny how I think Bush supporters are the ones being lured in by rhetoric. But I'm no partisan. During the recall election in CA, I voted for Tom McClintock -- a pro life, conservative Republican candidate because I felt he was the only one who was telling it like it is. I supported Richard Riordan, a moderate Republican for Mayor of L.A. I even voted, regrettably, for Pete Wilson, then Republican governor of California. In the 3 years since 9/11, I've not seen a whole lot to make me think we've made much progress in fighting the root causes of terrorism, and bringing the civilized world with us in this struggle.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and am very glad we live in a country that we can have such debate.

Love your cuz,

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America is just fine in the hands of President Bush. If folks out there just understood the mechanics of international politics and just plain old politics everyone would understand Kerry is a terrible candidate today and in the future. He has no plan and agenda. Shame on Kerry for bashing the current administration in this very crucial moment in the eyes of the terrorists. Who do you think the terrorists want as our next President? Doesn't that send a message.

As an active duty military member, I know more about security at home and abroad more than most. As I said in the previous paragraph, America is just fine in the hands of President Bush. I don't think the Republicans at this house can vote for Kerry as our next President.

Thanks for sending the article. I love a good debate.


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You are magnificent, Jonathan. I vote for you. XO Urban Pink