Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A-ha! Cheney Lies!

I haven't been blogging because I've been at a sales conference. I did catch the VP debate (and I also have delayed comments about the Kerry-Bush debate), and Kevin Drum has a very nice chart of the distortions that Cheney asserted and why they are false.

I thought the VP debate was somewhat of a bloodsport, but Edwards did wind up the better of the two. Cheney didn't relent until the end, but Edwards showed why he is a distinguished trial lawyer. I think Edwards weakest point was when he was asked whether or not he had the experience to be president. I haven't re-watched or read the transcript, but memory serves me that he was not very convincing. All in all, however, Edwards remained strong and articulate.

As for my sham debate comments, I was pleasantly surprised by the substantive clashes between Kerry and Bush -- at least how Kerry asserted himself and tackled the issues at hand. There's nothing you haven't already heard before, so I won't pontificate - but I was impressed by Kerry's performance.

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