Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Happy Chanukah!!

I was in my doctor's office yesterday, which was cheerily decorated with all kinds of Chanukah stuff. It was nice, because normally most public places and business cater and decorate for Christmas (to be expected, since most Americans are Christian). But it felt good, you know? Ahh, here is someone who thinks about Chanukah and the fact it is happening.

Just when I was thinking that, a woman walked in, who clearly knew the receptionists, and said "I don't mean to be prejudiced, but what's with all the Chanukah stuff?" I was a bit put off - is it such a big deal that someone decided to celebrate a commonly known holiday? I didn't challenge her, the receptionist saw the look on my face and tried to cover for her friend. The friend felt better when she found out that Christmas decorations would be coming later....

Oh, well, it bothered me at the time, now when I think about it I'm not really reacting to it.

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