Saturday, December 18, 2004


It's time to move! We are having a baby (you can see ultrasound pix at and are moving to a 2 bedroom apartment. We spent all day today packing boxes, and I am pooped. More moving tomorrow - clearing out the storage. I'm in that state where inside I'm happy and excited, but my body just has no idea about that right now - it's tired.

I've not been following politics that closely since Nov. 2 - and my mind has been much more sane because of it. Oh, I read the paper, talkingpointsmemo and other blogs, but not with the intensity that I used to - I'm not drilling down into the details of stories. Too much other stuff going on, life keeps moving. Family, spirituality, balance and just plain enjoying life are too important - life is too short. I will definitely be even more focused on family and community once the baby is born.

I'm also excited about finding a temple for us - family, community, and of all things the idea of celebrating Shabbat is what is driving it (and I like our rabbi). Celebrating Shabbat is one tradition that I am embracing, and not one I've ever taken seriously before. It is a very warm, warm, meditative day. I like the time-out, the prayers and melodies, and the idea of just slowing down with the family in a way that's been practiced for thousands of years (that's something isn't it?). I feel roots.

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