Sunday, March 26, 2006

Family, friends, apricot beer and babies

Sometimes you have those days where you realize just how lucky you are to have what you have. I've had two weekends in a row like that. I was in St. Louis last weekend with my in-laws, and having that much family around the baby was just great. My wife was happy her family was with us, I got a real sense of acceptance from it, and my son connected with his cousins (he now is friends with four of his cousins - two in LA and two located in Chicago). After we got home, my wife and I had our second anniversary, and we ordered in good, yummy, wholesome food from a nice restaurant. This last weekend, my little family and I spent Saturday together, and then spent sometime with good friends today. We drank apricot Hefeweizen - served by my staunchly libertarian pal -- "Jonathan, I know this is kind of fruity stuff but trust me it's good...." and watched some March Madness (go Bruins!).

It is easy to forget how good we have it - with world problems, petty issues at work, emotional family land mines, and whatever - my wife, my son and I are here in our little home, all healthy and happy to be with each other. I know these are some sappy thoughts, but after a few apricot beers I'm feeling pretty good about things.

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Urbanpink said...

I'm so glad to be your wife, with all our emotional pickles and all the love that outweighs them. You are so lovable. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!