Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Long Ass Day

Long Ass Day

'Twas a long ass day today.
Working in the box
Where I receive my pay.
Politics, barbs and big rocks
Intersperse ticks of time clocks.
Pishah, pizzam, alakazoo
This didn't really happen
And I'm blaming you!

Fingers and zingers pointing galore
Belief and trust drop on the floor.
Disbelief and anger filling my head
Collecting and defending myself instead.
Leaving the room with disillusion
Thoughts a bit jumbled
In a state of confusion.

Back in the box after the meeting
Friendly colleague comes in with a greeting.
Down to earth, bringing me back
Feeling the tension starting to slack.

Relaxed a bit I dig into the shelf,
Feeling a little bit more myself.
Whew it's something we all go through
I dust myself off and start anew.

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