Friday, November 24, 2006


Ha, I realized I didn't post anything about Thanksgiving yesterday. There's so much I have to be thankful for - my happy little family in our happy little home being at the top of the list. We're healthy and make a decent living, and can provide what our little boy needs (and a little bit of what he wants, too :-)

I'm also thankful that our efforts helped bring about much needed change in our government.

We have it very good in America - I think about the hundreds of people who are dying violently each day in Iraq - people just like me, who want to care for their families and make a decent living, go to the store and have lunch in a cafe. I don't see how our military presence is helping Iraq at this point (Actually, I didn't support the invasion to begin with).

It is amazing that a land of plenty such as ours occupies another land and has managed to help create conditions that are probably hell on earth.

I am grateful for everything we have, and that we live in America, where we aren't getting blown up each day.

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