Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is the kind of stuff that really gets me going.

  • Elizabeth Edwards calls out Ann Coulter on her b.s. I'm very proud to be supporting that campaign.
  • The Supreme Court is a crucial issue for 2008. Note the spate of 5-4 decisions recently made by the conservative majority. This op-ed gives a pretty good indication of how I feel about it. We need to be talking about this.
  • Immigration bill is back. I feel pretty strongly on this issue; see my last screed on it, something needs to mitigate the status quo. Whoda thought I'd actually agree with Shrub on something.
Finally - if you're a California reader and support public financing of campaigns, please visit this link and consider making a $5, $10 or $20 donation. A very good friend of mine, Stuart Waldman, is running for CA State Assembly for AD 40, and is a strong supporter of campaign finance reform. Every bit helps.

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Urbanpink said...


Of course the White House press corp is absolutely corrupt, but it really shows when they don't ask how the President feels about his appointments helping rollback Brown v. Board. That ruling and those responsible for it makes me take a another look at the Katrina race debate--but it's hard to separate their contempt for the poor with their contempt for minorities.