Friday, July 06, 2007

Giving Congress the finger

You know - it's a funny thing, at yesterday's press gaggle, the White House all but admitted that their view is they don't have to listen to laws enacted by Congress. Yes, I realize this is nothing new. But as I've discovered relatively recently in life, people actually will tell you what they are doing - you just have to listen.

Q But because of those Clinton pardons, there were actually safeguards thatwere added. And when you talk to former pardon attorneys, they say because of what happened with Mark Rich and others, Congress looked at -- and others -- and they put in new safeguards. But then, by not going to the Justice Department,
the President went around those safeguards. So how can you -- aren't you having it both ways by saying, well, the Clintons did a really bad job of this, but then you ignored some of the reforms that were made after the Clinton pardons --

MR. STANZEL: The President's powers come from the Constitution. And that's what the President answers to.

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