Monday, August 25, 2008

Convention - Day 1

Hi - I caught a little bit of the convention this evening - three things definitely worth seeing:

1) The tribute video to Teddy Kennedy. Great stuff.

2) Kennedy's speech. I thought Kennedy gave a good speech, but the crowd seemed very worried about him. He seemed like this was where he wanted to be.

3) Michelle Obama. I thought she was teriffic - she sounded just like one of us.

You can see the speeches at You might need to download a couple of plug ins; at this time I've not seen a quality You Tube video up yet if you don't feel like downloading the plug ins. I'm sure if you give it a day you'll find plenty.

I also saw some commentary about how there wasn't enough red meat attacking McCain today. I agree with those who say that today wasn't the day for that - this was about banishing the boogeyman the GOP has created around Barack, and humanizing him and his family. I'm hoping for some red meat tomorrow :-)

That's it - didn't catch much else.


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