Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain Tax Hike

Hi - I've not been posting because in addition do doing a little house-hunting, my head is going to explode if I think about the garbage spewing out of the McCain-Palin propaganda shop. I get so angry that I actually can't think straight. I guess it's a good plan, because it's certainly kept me off balance. And no, to any McCain supporters, I'm not being unkind and you know it.

No more.

1) McCain wants to increase taxes on health insurance by making those benefits taxable. Interesting analysis also here.
2) Sarah Palin has no idea what the Bush Doctrine is. AP article here, but video in first link is better.
3) Sarah Palin thinks war with Russia over Georgia is possible. Read the transcript (this is why I think NATO membership for Georgia is bad).
4) McCain campaign has been lying. (Shocker, I realize).
5) Under Sarah Palin's leadership, Wasilla, AK, actually charged victims of rape for rape kits needed to collect evidence. Consider the state of Alaska had to actually ban the Wasilla practice to qualify for funding under the Violence Against Women Act (ironically sponsored by Joe Biden, and voted against by John McCain).
6) McCain campaign in Michigan is engaging in voter suppression by attempting to block people from voting whose homes have been foreclosed on.
7) McCain has flip-flopped more times than the daily IHOP special. 76 documented ones at last count.

Polls show the race is tightening. If you think I'm alarmist, check here, here, and here. If you're still mad about Hillary, get OVER it and start fighting. If you're somehow worried about Barack and Biden, look at the items above and think about why you're not worried about McCain and Palin. And that's just 10 minutes of typing. Here's the real deal, folks - the issues are about war, judges, security, healthcare, environment, energy independence, economy (not in any particular order). It's not about all this other crap that comes out of the slime machine. Do you trust McCain with any of the above? How about Palin, one heartbeat from the presidency?

Get the word out.

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