Sunday, September 14, 2008

More McCain taxes & c.

Picking out McCain's shortcomings are kind of fun, I must admit. Here's a few more for you to brighten your Monday tomorrow.

1) Alan Greenspan -- I repeat, Alan freeking Greenspan -- does not support John McCain's tax plan.

2) McCain's own economic advisor says tax increases are unavoidable without massive spending cuts, and spending cuts are a political fig leaf.

3) More MSM outlets noting the, shall we say, less than honest assertions by the McCain campaign. See NYT, Washington Post (who gave McCain 4 Pinocchios), Boston Globe (about Palin's claim she visited Iraq)

4) John McCain himself said that Mayors and Governors can't handle national security. I guess that's changed since he picked Palin...

5) Oh, and by the way - in case you haven't heard, Karl Rove himself said John McCain is telling fibs and is going too far.


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