Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

I thought tonight's speech was strong, well timed and hit all the major points that needed to be hit. I am now reminded why I voted for Barack Obama, and particularly appreciated his position of not being stopped by difficulty or setbacks. He expressly called out to Democrats they still have 59 votes in the Senate, and directly addressed Republicans about filibustering every piece of business before Congress. I won't get too much into the details - it's kind of late - but if you haven't watched the speech yet, it's worth watching.

One thing to note - no less than four times the President said "the House passed" -- jobs bill, financial reform bill, energy bill, education bill. I have two takeaways from this -- a) Nancy Pelosi is an exceptional legislator; she gets a lot of flack, but Ms. Pelosi knows how to get things done (including, I should note a fifth item - a health bill that includes a public option) and b) The Senate didn't pass any of those with a 60 vote majority!!!!! No wonder the President had choice words for the Senate.

The President did what he needed to do tonight.


Vigilante said...

Well, I can't quarrel with you over whether or not it was a good speech. I think the CBS poll gave it an 87%. That's the grade the watchers gave it. I want to wait and see if he uses his boots for purposes other than walking. Than I'll agree with you that he has done what he had to do.

Teeluck said...

He certainly did, Bravo!